Tuesday, 3 September 2013


I decided to embark on a 5-day fruit (and veg) fast, last week. After I felt a bit constipated last week, I decided it was time for me to do a kind of cleanse with bentonite clay. Besides, I think my liver has been overworked lately with a lot of carby and fatty meals and it needed to relax. Initially, I set it for 3 days because I didn’t believe I could sustain it for a full working week, but I later decided to fix 5 days, tentatively.
When I posted it on Facebook, I received a good amount of encouragement, and was advised to document each day, so I decided to do so.
Below is my Day 1 experience.

Woke up on this day with a feeling of excitement mixed with innate joy (been happening lately because of the strong awareness that I'm a Princess of the Most High), despite having little sleep cuz I was gisting with my friend into the early hours of the morning.
Spent some time with my Father, after which the First day of my fruit fast became fully activated.
The previous night, I had cut up a small watermelon, half a pawpaw (papaya), and cucumber, into biteable sizes. I also grated some carrots, rinsed some red grapes and kept them all in the fridge.
All I then did was to take them out and place into a bag which I took to work.
I also poured out a quantity of liquid bentonite clay into a small bottle so that I could keep that in my drawer, at work.

Before leaving home, I drank about a half a litre of water alongside a tablespoonful (TBS) of Bentonite clay.
When I got to work, I took the clay again alongside water, after which I went about mixing the fruits, and dishing some out to eat.
Later, that same morning, I mixed a TBS of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) mixed with half a TBS of molasses (pinching it cuz I've almost run out…hehehe).

During lunch time, I craved the sun, so I decided to go to the mall to get some strawberries. Now, whenever I’m in the office and don’t want the canteen food, Shoprite is where I go to since I like their chicken and seafood paella. I passed by those food items and the smell was tempting. Also, when I looked and discovered they had Macaroni and minced beef sauce, which I enjoy a lot, but they haven't had in a while, I wish I hadn't started this fast :D. I gently took myself away from that section; checked the fruit aisle but no strawberries, so I settled for Nectarine.

Around 2pm, I took another bowl of fruits, with some slices of nectarine added.
I had to struggle to finish this portion, as I felt stuffed. It was shocking.
By the time it was COB, I had already drunk over a gallon of water.
I was surprised that I still had a bowl still filled with fruits.

Now, I had to face my trip home, in the staff bus which I didn't look foward to as I always feel hungry and a bit uncomfortable, and usually left something hanging around that I could munch on. This happened only in the staff bus, so I figured I was reacting to the smell of the bus or the air freshener or something along that line.
Instead of this happening, I still felt stuffed and didn't even take anymore fruit for the day.
Bought a few strawberries, bananas, ginger and garlic on my way home.
Mum tried to talk me out of doing this for 5 days, because I'm way too skinny to her (I hope she knows that according to the US's Fashion Industry, I'm plus-sized lol)  but I gently explained to her that I needed to do it once and for all.

After Bible Study, I felt too tired/lazy to prepare some smoothie for the next day, so I hit the pillow.
Day 1 was over, and I knew Aunt Flo was gonna come say hi the next day. I was ready for her.
By the way, the reason I embarked on this fast (which I initially set for 3 days because I didn’t believe I could sustain it for a full working week)
Carrots (I don’t like them, so I grated it which is easier to consume)
Pawpaw (aka papaya contains loads and loads of Vitamin C, so I’m not taking any Vit C during this fast)
Watermelon (I chewed the seeds as well, and they are so yummy. You need to read up the amazing nutrients contained in the seed, and you’ll probably go shopping for the seeds)
Apple Cider Vinegar (you need to read the amazing benefits derived from taking this)
Molasses (similar to honey)
More than a gallon of Water

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