Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Woke up to the knowledge that I hadn't prepared for today's fruit fast. After my time with Him, I took a TBS of bentonite clay and then drank about half a litre of water (my tummy refused sipping more). I then pleaded with my sister to help me cut up 1 half of a watermelon, and she was so kind to wake up to assist, while I jumped into the tub. By the time I was done with my bath time, she was also rounding up.
I quickly packed up the ones she had cut, the one that was remaining yesterday, a strawberry and 3/4 of a bunch of bananas, into a bag, and flew out the door. Caught up with the staff bus just in time.
Once I got to the office, I took another TBSP of clay, alongside water and then mixed up the fruits, including the bananas and strawberry. I was more efficient in getting the fruits ready, today.
By past 8am, I was eating a bowl of fruits.
Around 10am, I took a cold glass of ACV mixed with molasses. This healthy combo tastes like malt without the 'soft poison' (aka Sugar).
Some minutes past 12 noon, I was with another bowl of fruit. By this time, I had taken close to a gallon (if not a gallon, yet) of water.

Been having cravings for food I don't usually eat! Yesterday evening, I had a craving for Amala (which I don't particularly like), while today, I had a craving for toasted sandwich *rolling eyes at self*.
Anyhoo, Aunt Flo came to say hello, but I wonder if this stuff is getting on her nerves or somethang (shrug) cuz I'm barely aware of her presence..well...
I intend preparing the smoothie I've put off making, since Sunday. I'll be picking up some ugu leaves (aka Fluted Pumpkin) in the market, add an aloe leaf, some basil leaves and ginger, to the fruits I'll be blending.
Around past 3pm, I took my last bowl of fruits.
Drank much more than a gallon of water, today.

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