Thursday, 8 December 2011


Within the twinkle of an eye so much can be lost. You can lose:
Your salvation
Your purity
Your virginity
Your innocence
Your beauty
Your wealth
Your sanity
Your health
Your loveliness
Your openness
Your kindness
Your strength
Your life
Your intelligence
Your attractiveness
Your reputation
Your freedom
Your fame
Your status
Your ten-year plan
All you’ve spent your whole life building

All it takes is that one moment, and all is gone. Incidentally, most of the aforementioned are self-created, which is why we should think twice before taking that action, getting all cozy with that lady/man, hurling angry words, angrily hitting someone, going to ‘that place’ etc.
The rest are losses we have no control over which is why we should set our priorities right. The bible enjoined us to lay up our treasure in heaven, where moth and rust can’t corrupt it, nor thieves break in and steal (Matthew 6 vs. 19-20).

Remember all it takes is the twinkle of an eye, to lose all you hold so dear.