Thursday, 31 May 2012


My dog has had to learn to adjust some of his intuitions and innate behavior.
Earlier on, whenever I sprint into the kitchen because I suddenly remembered what I was cooking might be burning, Max will run after me barking. His thinking was that I was in danger.
Few minutes ago, I was frying plantain, and sprinted out when I remembered what was on fire (narrow escape). Max followed me, but didn’t bark. He just looked at me to be sure I was okay before turning back. Interestingly, I haven’t had to sprint to the kitchen in a while, but my dog had learnt to change his way of reacting to my sprint. Yes, it still piqued his curiosity but he trained himself not to bark again.

In our relationships- romantic, filial, work and so on- people do things that make us bark; but like the famous saying says if you cannot change something, change the way you think about it.


A Man’s world? No! It’s the devil’s world

So many times, I hear the phrase “it’s a man’s world” from both men, and brain-washed women. While laundering, this phrase came to mind, and I mulled over it.
In Nigeria, and to a large extent, Africa, men are expected to be promiscuous, and the women have been brainwashed to accept this. I was a 16/17 year old starry-eyed girl when I heard a university student tell her friend that men would always cheat, and that what one should hope for is that he doesn’t bring such an affair to the matrimonial home.
 I was gobsmacked!
I had never heard of this before, as all I had always heard about was the sanctity of marriage.
Over the years, despite my argument with those who held on to this belief, I’ve come to realize it’s the norm, while not cheating on your wife is unusual, stopping short of being abnormal.
Another side to the “it’s a man’s world” cliché is that men are expected to get married, and retire. Women complain that once they get married, their husbands treat them as glorified housemaids, making them question all the confessions of “I’m absolutely in love with you”. Some go as far as refusing to look after their babies while their wives take a much-needed rest. Some women sigh “it’s a man’s world” in resignation.
I don’t view it as a man’s world, no it isn’t. The bible expects a man to love his wife as himself, and to shun adultery. If this is so, men who do not obey these principles are going against the will of God. Anything that is anti-God is for the devil.
Thus, it’s the devil’s world.

10/1/2012 6.27pm