Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Celebrate our differences

I had a bit of misunderstanding with a friend, today, who was upset over something I didn't do, but which I thought I had done and I was upset that what I had done was disregarded as "not done";  this incident further knocked in a very important lesson I started learning last week.

We humans don't think, value, expect, regard, react, accept or laugh at the same things and that's the beauty of life.
Some people need to communicate regularly to keep the engine of a friendship oiled, while another may not speak to a friend for a year and when they hook up again, they relate as if there was no gap in communication.
What makes one person puke for minutes could get another in stitches, from laughter.
What could choke one person could be the 'fresh air' of another.
Now, to the event that started the learning process last week; while at the hotel, my room and bathroom were cleaned with a soap or something that had a very strong, choking fragrance. I couldn't stand it and opened all the windows, and turned on the A/C.
Later, I went to my colleague's room and they had cleaned his also. I complained about the choking smell to the brother,  who told me he actually (oh my goodness) liked the fragrance and obviously revelled in it.
I was beyond Shocked!
I never believed anyone would EVER be able to stand the smell, talk less of liking it.
I quickly picked up what I came for and ran away with the fragrance still clinging to my dress.
This got me thinking; What I thought could have literally knocked me out, was really liked by another,  yet I had no right to say that his like was disgusting, even if I was tempted to feel that way.

Because it isn't my cup of tea doesn't make it wrong or disgusting, neither does it make my taste higher or better.
Let's learn to respect our different ways of thinking.
Even if we disagree on personal opinions, it doesn't mean we can't, with civility,  discuss our differences with respect and regard for each other.

If we all thought alike,  the world would be one big, boring planet.
#thinkonthis #lifeisgood #Godissoamazing #thankGodfordifferences

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