Saturday, 14 April 2012


Right now, I picked up a recharge card from my wallet to load on my ETISALAT modem as I needed to post on the blog. The moment MAX heard the rustle, he came to me, looking up with expectation, and hoping it was some biscuit he likes, or a piece of candy. I tried to warn him verbally (like he understands English lol) but he didn’t heed the warning.
Funny enough, a lot of us are deceived by what we see or hear without digging deep. It saddens me to hear and read of many ladies who have been deceived by a man they thought was good because he ‘rustled’ or appeared to possess good qualities like their brothers, fathers, uncles or friends. Of course, the male folks aren’t immune to this deception too.
Like the Vances of @BeTrulyFaithful reiterate severally, always check fruits and be led by the Spirit. I’ll also suggest that you test those qualities by probing, prodding and pushing.
If only Max could read this, he wouldn’t come bounding towards me whenever he hears the rustling of stiff nylon, but treat the sound with skepticism.

PS: That's Max waking from a nap (he ONLY sleeps on a bed when the Ac's on)

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