Saturday, 14 April 2012


Impossible is nothing- author unknown

For the past few days, I’ve been unable to browse on my phone, despite being fully subscribed for the Blackberry service. I get the 3G or EDGE signal yet I still couldn’t browse. Anyone who knows me well knows that I can barely do without the internet. For example, Yesterday, while learning El espanol (Spanish), ,my sister exclaimed Mucho Gusto. Now I knew ‘mucho’ meant ‘plenty’, which we had just learnt, but we both didn’t know the meaning of ‘Gusto’ and I wanted to hit the internet to check it out, but I couldn’t, which was frustrating.
Fast forward to this morning; I got a BBC SMS saying that Anelka was going to be a player-Manager. I wanted to read the news and quickly hit the link WITHOUT remembering the PAST network failure. Immediately, I got directed to my phone’s browser, and then I realized that I had only an ‘edge’ signal.
Now, anyone who uses or knows a bit about blackberry will attest to the FACT that it’s almost impossible to connect the internet with an ‘edge’ signal. It has to either be ‘EDGE’ or ‘3G’. When I saw the signal displayed on my phone, my hope of reading that story plummeted, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to connect to the ‘net.

I was amazed when I saw the ‘requesting’ indication change to ‘loading’. I couldn’t believe it, so I tamed the rush of hope I felt, because I still believed it would never open, and left the browser running in the background. When I returned and met a blank page, I thought within me ‘not surprising’. I then touched the screen, and voila! the page had opened fully while I was away. I was able to browse other pages (though I still rue not taking the opportunity to check out the meaning of ‘gusto’) until the signal changed to the so-called ‘almighty 3G’ signal. Then I couldn’t and still can’t browse.
The small guy did the job the big guy couldn’t do.

  • Impossible’ is a human-limiting word.
  • Never underrate anybody, or thing. Insignificant people have achieved great things. Also, mighty people have been brought down by little things. For example, I recall that the former military dictator, General Sani Abacha was a ruthless man, who was seemingly invincible and killed anyone crossing his path, yet he died after eating a small apple offered him by an Indian whore.
  • Do not be guided only by what you see. If I had seen the ‘edge’ signal before reading the sms, I wouldn’t have bothered clicking the link.
  • Trying beats not trying.
  • If you fail at something, and you appear to be faced with same situation, still try again. It could be that the circumstances surrounding the previous experience might have changed.
  • If you tried using a hammer to kill a fly, and you didn’t succeed, try a book. In other words, if you try a great technique to solve a problem, and there was no success, try a smaller one like your common sense.

Do  have a pleasant weekend.

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