My name is Julia.

I've always loved writing, since I was little, and wrote the summary of a novel I wanted to publish, when I was 16. It got whoops of admiration from the only person  I showed, my childhood friend, who is a perfectionist, but I never got round to writing it (Woe betide you, procastination!).
I love to think, and have weird, crazy and ticklish thoughts in my cute little head. Thus, the purpose of this blog is to bore, tickle and prod you toTHINK.
I appreciate feedbacks, and 'constructive' criticisms that would make me a better person, rather than make me build up an armour for defence (I'm sure you get my drift...let the criticism be purposeful).
Wait a sec, why I'm being so modest? I don't just appreciate it, I love comments!!! This makes me know that someone actually took the time to read my musings. A line wouldn't be bad, though I like it longer... I know I could be an 'Julia' Twist sometimes (guess I should twist my hair less :D)

I don't think anyone frustrates themselves as much as PhlegSans, of which I'm one. I'm looking for a phlegSan, who has got no Choleric part, to be friends with. Need to do some two-way self-discipline regular check-ups with him/her.

My favourite colour is blue, letter is z, and number is 3 (I've learnt not to have favourite tangible things). I love dividing numbers by 3 in my head- numbers on money notes, plate numbers, dates, on cans, on bill boards...the list is endless l love football (aka soccer)! The passion, the way players and fans go wild with joy over a goal is priceless.

I'm so in love with the versatility of natural hair, whether tightly-curled ones or loosely-curled ones. This gave me the courage to chop my relaxed ends on May 19th, 2010. Thus, by His grace, I'll be celebrating my nappiversary in a few months (EDIT: I wrote this before my 1st year nappiversary,). I'm loving my hair growth, and though my hair decides to have a mind of its own, and not follow my lead a few times, it's been a lovely adventure so far.

I mustn't forget to mention that I love Jesus, and I live my life based on His 2 principles of loving God with all your might and strength, and loving your neighbour as yourself.
My major goal in life is to make heaven, thus, this affects my lesser goals, decisions, thoughts, words, and actions.

I do hope you have a nice time reading and writing with me.