Saturday, 23 August 2014

No longer an alarm

I wondered why the inverter had suddenly become silent as I could longer hearing the "low-battery" alarm. I Paused to listen but I couldn't hear it still. Suddenly, I slowly started making out the sound. I realised that I had become so used to the alarm that it had become normal to me. Alas, it was no longer an alarm as my mend had silenced it. This is the same way the consciences of some people no longer warns them as it has been Silenced.
So many people no longer consider the effects of their actions as the Conscience that was placed there by God, to warn them whenever they are about to take a wrong, selfish step, has been silenced. No wonder we hear people Say that "my conscience didn't Prick me so there's nothing wrong in what I did". The Bible says " they have seared their Conscience with iron".
Please let's sharpen our Consciences So that they can work as God intended.

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