Tuesday, 3 September 2013

It's hard to remember good

It's almost midnight of Children's day, and I decided to call my cousin's kids via viber. After chatting with their mum for a while, I spoke with the last child, who is 7 years old. Her immediate older brother, is the one I usually refer to as my son, because he would call me "mummy" when he was a baby. Characteristically, she always antagonised him, and he usually picked on her. I decided to ask about him. She went on a rant about how he's been naughty and has dealt with her and so on. I then asked about the oldest one, she then said something like"he's been mostly kind".
I asked for examples, and she told me about how he "banished" her from his phone. I told her she should share stories about his kind acts, and she said he helps her and does nice things for her, but she couldn't give a particular example.
I decided to ask her about the kind acts done by her immediate (that boy has got a kind heart, even though he's boisterous), and she said "I can't remember". When I probed further, she then went on to say "it's hard go remember the good things. It's easier to remember the bad ones".
What a revelation!
Like they say "from the mouth of babes, the truth is established".
No matter what you believe, the girl has said the truth; everytime you are unkind or inconsiderate towards others, it's magnified in their eyes. They would easily remember that unkind act/word than the other kind words/acts you said you've said/done , especially if that isn't an overwhelming number.
Il be posting some things on effects of negative words later.
Do have a splendid week.

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