Tuesday, 24 September 2013


By the morning of the 4 th day, I felt like I couldn’t care about food after facing the worst temptation the previous day.
I took my usual fruits, bentonite clay and Apple Cider Vinegar at different times, and felt really good.
By the fifth day, the hunger descended mightily. It was almost unbearable, but I kept reminding myself that it was ending that day.
By 12 noon, I went to weight myself, and realized I had lost over 5 pounds in less than 5 days. Couldn’t wait to go back to eating as I needed to gain necessary weight as my aim wasn’t weight loss, so I tried to limit whatever would make me lose weight and increase what could make me gain weight like eating bananas and so on; still, I still lost that much weight.
This means that those who want to lose weight would maximally gain from this exercise.
I went to bed after taking 3 large oranges.
The morning of the 6 th day, I wasn’t feeling hungry at all. I felt like I could for another 5 days again, but I wasn’t ready to deal with my mum (she would report me to my Pastor if I continued cuz of the weight-loss side effect) or the aforementioned side effect.
I took an orange that morning and then went out with my younger brother to pick up a Samoyed pup for him. It took longer than expected but I wasn’t hungry one bit, despite having had only one orange. Finally ate bread around 4pm, even though I still wasn’t hungry. This means I more or less fasted for about 5.75 days. Not bad, if you ask me.
- The odds were high that I would get hungry or crave food strongly, on an odd day. This happened on the 1 st , 3 rd and 5 th day, whereas I was very fine on the even days- 2 nd , 4 th and 6 th days. Don’t know why this turned out so. - My skin complexion looked brighter. My face is some shades darker than my neck, but this reduced during the fast. - I’ve had this oh-so-tiny bumps under my right eye for a long time and they cleared off. - My urine was very clear and clean. Those who are interested in the urine therapy (I’m not!) would find that doing a fruit fast of about 2-3 days would give them easy to you-know-what urine. - My stool had this perfect look and texture (I know this is gross, but I have to mention this lol) - I felt oddly energized. - I had malaria symptoms about 2 or so weeks before the fast, but this cleared up during the fast. - It involves discipline and once accomplished, gives you a sense of self-belief and accomplishment. You can do it if you set your heart on it. - I learnt that one might feel sick during the fast, due to the body having too much toxin, but I didn’t experience this. I attributed this to recently cleansing my liver with some food supplements and also cutting off a few things off my diet (such as milk, soda drink, salt-based seasoning etc.) - No funky morning breath. My breath in the morning was funk-free. - I lost over 5 pounds within 4 days and inched closer to the underweight BMI. This was a side effect I didn’t need, as I was already slim enough, but I still had to face it. - Like I mentioned earlier, the odds were against me. Here’s what I mean: Like I mentioned in my post regarding my 1 st day fruit-fasting, I went to the mall, and in the food section of Shoprite, I saw one of my favourite store-purchased food- macaroni and minced beef, which I always bought since I tasted its yummy goodness a while ago and had to walk away with slumped shoulders. Now, I’ve gone to Shoprite 3 different times after that day, and they haven’t had macaroni and minced beef. Isn’t that strange? Also, we haven’t had any pizza feast in the office like the 3 rd day of the fast, and we had never had such before. Thirdly, my weakest days were only the odd days. See why I said the odds were against me? But I won (Yay!). - When I resumed eating, I felt stuffed on time, despite trying to eat a lot to gain lost weight. I learnt the stomach shrinks during the fast, which is a good thing in my opinion. The best way is to eat slowly, and avoid being tempted to rush your tasty meal, otherwise you run the risk of serious discomfort (unfortunately, I’m speaking from experience, despite being warned…yikes!). - For those who would like to lose some weight, you can eat healthy food in bits. Savour the yummy taste of food. Don’t fall back into your unhealthy way of eating, and do not allow your stomach to expand again, by eating so much food at once. - I realized I needed less sleep to feel energetic, despite loving sleep. This was a good one because I always slept late and had to wake early to catch the staff bus on weekdays. Still benefiting from this more than 2 weeks after. - I later learnt that I should have taken more cleansing fruits like orange, lemons, grapefruits etc., so I’ll be incorporating more of that during my next fruit fast. - I honestly can’t remember all the benefits and can’t look into my body system to see the dance steps displayed by my internal organs (maybe I would have learnt some steps from them, don’t you think?).
Fruit fasting, in my opinion, is the best form of fasting for cleansing and even weight loss. This is because you’re not just depriving your body of food, but you’re simultaneously feeding it necessary nutrients by taking fruits for optimum wellbeing and health. Your body is also taking in lots of fiber from fruits (which you wouldn’t get during a juice fast) which would aid in the flushing out of toxins by your liver (i.e fiber helps liver).
Also, if your goal is weight loss, you definitely DO NOT want your metabolism rate to slow down, which is what juice or water fast would cause. Taking fruits, regularly, during your fast, would result in increased metabolism, which every weight-watcher desires.
Finally, having sufficient calories for the day would be hard to meet when taking strictly juices, as against fruits.

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