Thursday, 18 April 2013

I was selfish

I wished snapping my fingers would miraculously bring me a car, no matter how rickety/slow, to take me home. Few minutes before, I had hopped down from the staff bus to go into the market to get some things, as I love shopping- be it grocery, vegetables, shoes, clothes, hair accessories, herbs etc. The snag now is that I'm not so good with lugging heavy stuffs around.
After buying some pumpkin leaves (you need to read up on its amazing benefits), dried prawns, a piece of liver for my dog etc., I went to buy what i dreaded- 2 5-litre kegs of vegetable oil, which made it 10 litres. Now I had a bag that contained my work shoes (No way would I be found walking round the market in my heels) and other stuffs, then my ghana-must-go bag (thats what my sister calls my huge bag) which had lots of stuff in it and the things I had bought.
Determined to be strong, i picked up the kegs, squared my shoulders and marched on. I was blessed to suddenly see an empty commercial tricycle (rare) and i was the only one at the bus-stop(very rare). i quickly flagged him down and got in. I placed the kegs on the seat, as well as my bags.
As we moved on, I prayed that no one would flag him down before I alighted. Immediately, I felt shame.
Why would I want to profit from the ride, while he doesn't?
Would I feel good if someone wants me to have low turnover if I were in his shoes, simply because they want to feel comfortable?

I believe if we ask ourselves this selfless questions whenever we feel selfishness coming to the fore, the world would be a better place.

***He got 2 passengers, with 1 sitting beside him in front ( extremely rare if theres a space behind), so i was still comfortable, although, with my readjusted mindset, I wouldn't have minded if it didn't tunr out that way.

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