Thursday, 31 January 2013


My sister was having one of those lazy days. She had taken tomatoes and pepper to the local grinder, and was back home.
Dad then told her to put the blended TomaPep in the freezer. She said she couldn't as the freezer was full.
An idea immediately sprung to mind: "I had to get her to 'will' a way out". I quickly chipped in and told her to go and boil the pepper to preserve it since the freezer was full.
I knew she was smart enough to figure out which method was easier.
She did!
Within minutes, her creative mind came alive, and she created room for the bowl of TomaPep.
I laughed and told dad I knew she would find room for the bowl; I just had to give her a tougher alternative.
Sometimes we need to be pushed to will a way out of tough situations by being given a tougher alternative.
Like the old saying goes "when there's a will, there's a way". You just need to be given a chance to have the will, once you do, you'll use that 'will' to find a way out of seemingly impossible situations.
Most times, we don't know we are able to do greatly, until a great task is forced upon us. It's then the strength that lies in us, unutilized, becomes useful.
Push someone today, by offering them a tougher alternative, and watch them beat their expectations.

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