Thursday, 31 January 2013

How I beat my expectatio​n

I worked 13 days without a day's break!
I could have made it 20 days, but I decided to give myself a day's break.
I barely had time to think what I thought later "Is this me?"
If someone had told me I could wake up by 4am, get back home around 11pm mentally and physically exhausted, play with my dog, chat with my family before heading to bed, and waking up by 4am, the following morning, I'll have said that person didn't know me well.
Any other person, with a tougher personality could have easily achieved this, but I thought I couldn't. I didn't just think I couldn't, I had this self-assurance that I couldn't.
Honestly, I never believed that was possible.
I do have wild imaginations, but I couldn't even think this up!
But I did, but this time, it was reality.
I'll begin my day with E-learning lectures, of which I had to take notes, take an exam and score 80%. Besides that, we had almost unachievable deadlines. Once it was 9am, I'll go for classroom lectures, till 5pm (this could extend beyond that time) and sometimes, we would have tests after this. This was another achievement. I didn't believe I could sit and listen to another person go on and on, and I wouldn't sleep all through the class. Yes, I dozed, but I sat in front, always, so that was limited. I had to invent ways to stay awake...and doze a bit, uncaught (embarrassed look).
After that, I'll quickly get a system, and begin my exams or e-lectures till 9 or almost 10pm. Then there was book reviews and presentations between that time. It was a loaded 4 weeks of intensive training. This is the only time I've seen the word "intensive" used aptly.
That was the period I knew what brain saturation meant, experientially; my brain couldn't take a thing anymore.
Couldn't believe how much I had been under-utilizing my brain all these years!!!

Guess how I felt?
I felt fly!
It was cool being able to do all these, bending, yet not breaking.

To you all, I say: beat your expectations, break your personal bounds and watch yourself achieve greatness.

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