Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I was playing spider solitaire this Monday morning, instead of staring at a blank screen, when I thought the game I got was super-duper easy. I felt like ending the game for one that would be more challenging, as things started adding up right from the start. I decided to enjoy the ease, and coast along. I didn’t take it serious ‘cause I was very positive that I had it clinched, and was playing on for formality-sake.
I lost the game.
I couldn't believe it, and had to wonder where things had gone wrong.
I realized I had taken the game for granted, because I was sure I had won.

In the real world, this kind of behaviour crops up in various scenarios:
The man who thinks he’s married his wife, and therefore takes her for granted and treats her badly;
Or the woman who thinks “phew! Now, I have him in my ‘trap’, so let me relax, and forget about looking good”;
Or the student who thinks “Well, I’ve got a 4.8 cummulative GPA, and I’m in my final year, they can’t but give me my 1st class”;
Or the parents who take their children for granted, and do not bother fostering good relationships with them;
Or believers who take God for a ride, and don’t give him reverence.

Let’s watch out for areas in our lives we are taking some people, God or situations for granted.

Written 11/14/2011 11:47am

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