Monday, 19 March 2012

All is vanity

I yearned for a car, how little it came, I did not care,
All my care was that I had my own means of transport,
To take me to places of pleasure,
Beaches, the movies, restaurants, I must visit,
To visit friends and acquaintances, I mustn’t miss,
When at last the car arrived, small it was, yet excited I was,
Alas, the places I yearned to visit, I scarcely went,
All is vanity, my soul then sighed.

I was reading Ecclesiastes today, about how King Solomon got whatsoever he desired. He became the greatest of all men and kings, yet at the end, despite having it all he said “and I looked on all the works that my hand had wrought, and on the labour that I had labored to do: and behold, all was VANITY…”
I look at life, and realize that I’ve had various desires, yet they have no lasting thrill.
My latest desire was to have a dog.
I’d been nursing and nurturing this desire for a couple of years, such that I looked up extensive information about the breed I desired.
It was a dream I thought would take a long time to achieve as my parents didn’t want a pet in the house…until I talked about dogs (once again) to my dad, and he said I could get one.
I couldn’t believe it!!!
I started searching the internet for a local dog breeder, and got one, unexpectedly (of course I prayed about it).
I contacted him, and we arranged on delivery…and of course, payment. Mind you, I was still a bit scared of dogs, and didn’t know what to expect. On seeing him, he was so adorable and cute, and barely filled my palm. That was it.
I love him, I’m happy I have him, but the thrill is all gone ( but this isn’t vanity, as he is a wonderful creature of God).

Written on 25th July, 2011 6.06pm

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