Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Battling for your soul

As I'm typing now, I'm listening to a quickly compiled playlist of gospel songs. Someone just came into the room singing a secular song, of which I find the tune very nice, but the lyrics are not 'it', and my mind struggled with tuning out Don Moen's "I will sing" for that. It immediately occurred to me that daily, no, at least every minute, we face a battle for our soul.
The things of this world is so loud, trying to drown out the Voice of the Spirit. Just yesterday, I overheard a preacher saying that the Holy Spirit is a gentleman. He never pressures you. He waits to be invited in to comfort you, to assist you.
The things of this world are usually big, loud and 'seemingly' strong.
The devil struggles for our soul. He wants us to buy into his idea of riches, pleasure and the good life. It's left for us to say a million 'No" to the wimp, backed by the power of the Spirit.

May God grants us the grace and strength to win all our battles, so that at the end of time, we would have a huge grin on our beautiful, flawless and immortal faces (I'm smiling already).

Written 13/03/2011

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